Launching EADR in Health Care

Jeanne Franklin and Jane Reister Conard have received a trademark for EADRSolutions - ideas, tools, and services for early and appropriate use to manage conflict and resolve disputes in healthcare. Services range from specific neutral services - mediation and facilitation - to consultation with healthcare providers, managers and health attorneys, assessment, training, and process planning. Tools include consulting and assessment models developed in response to typical healthcare dispute scenarios. 

With the changes in healthcare roles and responsibilities, service models, and business arrangements as a result of healthcare reform (PPACA), the need to facilitate handling disputes, conflicts and differences of opinion ("DCDs") will likely intensify. EADRSolutions can assist members of the health care team, (including providers, admininstrators and lawyers), to safeguard and enhance the quality of care, preserve invaluable human resources and expand access to care.

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Jane Reister Conard, of Jane Reister Conard, LLC, is a veteran hospital attorney who served with InterMountain Health System in Utah for 26 years. Also a past Board member of the American Health Lawyers Association and chairman of its ADR Task Force, she now focuses on conflict management for healthcare facilities.   

Jeanne Franklin