Services Overview

Ms. Franklin is able to mediate a broad range of civil conflicts that arise in a variety of settings, including business, government, private, and community (except, at present, for property and custody disputes in the course of divorce.)

A particular interest is disputes in health care. Significant experience in the world of health care services has led to her familiarity with and keen understanding of the stresses and conflicts that often arise there. In general, she is a proponent of early and appropriate dispute resolution to help people preserve relationships when desirable for purposes of continuing shared work and goals; health care delivery is one world where that seems particularly important.

A focus on communications and what may be subtle cultural dimensions of a conflict are also a particular interest. While facts and individuals may change, the dynamics of conflict can share almost universal characteristics. Thus lessons learned can be transported from one experience to the next. Repeated experience over the years has taught Ms. Franklin that many disputes are product of inadequate communications. Particular attention to thoughtful, truthful communications often facilitates resolutions, and prevents new problems from arising. 

Facilitation of meetings and planning efforts is also a service provided, as a natural outgrowth both of her work with legal clients and honed Organization Development skills.

Ms. Franklin is able to collaborate with skilled neutrals and facilitators to provide the appropriate range of services that a particular project may require.

How can a potential client get started?
Call or email the office ( to begin the conversation about what is needed and whether Franklin Solutions is an appropriate fit.