The ABCs of “Old” or Unproductive Thought

FranklinSolutions’s ABCs of unproductive thinking:


One way to help generate fresh thought and problem solving is to pause and take time to flip the ABCs:

Chuck the assumptions, at least momentarily, and check out facts and perceptions
Begin to reframe the situation
Acknowledge other facts, perspectives or ideas

Seemingly endless days of blizzard aftermath this year prompted my articulation of the ABCs. We sometimes think unconsciously, or in habitual manner, thus subtly reinforcing attitudes, positions and perceptions - the status quo. But when the status quo isn't working, how can we facilitate break through thinking? Try “flipping the ABCs.” Yes, the exercise might reveal that the ABCs  turn out to have been correct, and are verified about a particular situation (e.g, there is a 5 foot snow drift frozen in place at the foot of my driveway through which my car cannot pass). Even in such case, the exercise of flipping the ABCs  can help all involved to accept the facts more peaceably and be willing to deal with the challenges presented. And, on the other hand, just trying to think about a problem more openly can free the mind to create previously unimagined answers.



Jeanne Franklin