Pinning Hopes on a Bright Future

It is the job of mediators, facilitators and dispute resolvers to work with individuals and groups to inspire their thinking anew about familiar situations,  and stubborn problems (the kind we become so used to that we forget even trying to clear them away) as well as about crises.

Maybe a question to ask in the privacy of one's own thoughts is: "What is something, one thing, that I could give up, relinquish, or change – in the interest of making an external situation that involves another or others a bit better? Is there a habit, a preferred way of doing business, an assumption about someone or something, a position writ in stone that might bear some change?"

Change doesn’t come so easily, with fear and resistance often being natural reactions.  The more that is “done to us,” the more that we tend to hold on tighter to what we’ve got without considering whether it actually serves us well. The beauty of offering change on our own terms is that it is a test and voluntary; the impact of the change can be observed and evaluated. Something might start to work better. If not, the door is open for trying something else. So, as a part of our new decade, do you want to try to get out and ahead of whatever is holding you (your business) back. Consider the power of the question, “What might things be like if we each did something differently with a clear, shared purpose?”


Jeanne Franklin