And, A Not-So-Last Point

Please allow me to clarify my July 15 blog post references to healthcare dispute resolution. Lawyers and others experienced with ADR as the arbitration or mediation of filed lawsuits might wonder why I speak of dispute resolution and problem-solving in healthcare as a process and set of skills. The full explanation appears in my two part article that was published on September 16 and 17, 2014, "A Mediator's Perspective - Resolving Disputes in a Post-Health Reform World, Parts I and II." It appeared in the September American Health Lawyers' Practice Group Email Alert (for the ADR Affinity Group, and Health Care Liability and Litigation, and Post-ACute and Long term Services Prcatice Groups).

In it, I explain changed expectations for healthcare providers and consumers under the ACA, the changes in attitudes and behavior they require, and what will help people navigate making those changes. Pointing out skills and processes used to good effect in mediation, I discuss how using such skills and process will also improve the quality of transitions and rebuilding a positive, quality culture in health care. Please contact me if you'd like to see the articles and do not eaily obtain them through AHLA (

The two part article updates foundational information explained in an earlier article on health care ADR which is posted on this website under the EADR Solutions menu tab.

I welcome your comments and interest. And now, have a good summer! (Perhaps you might think of these articles as a form of beach reading.)

Jeanne Franklin