Finding Help When You Need It

 Isn't it true that when we need help the most (a crisis of sorts) is when it's hardest to think where and how to get that help? Conflict competence or readiness is not the same thing as looking for a fight or expecting misery. It is knowing how to react in a way when trouble starts to soothe the waters and help get through as comfortably and safely as possible. It is having a system, skills, resources, training, and determination to help everyone through.


 EADRSolutions is the trademark Jane Conard and I obtained for the range of ideas, services and training that will help people in healthcare navigate choppy waters - difficult decisions to be made, difficult conversations that must be held, outright conflicts to be addressed, and helping people adjust to changes in how and for whom they work, and where they go to get healthcare. EADR stands for Early Appropriate Dispute Resolution; think of it as a form of preventive health care for the healthcare industry. Please see the toolbar option above to learn more about EADR as a way to get started finding help (indeed, helping yourself) before you are in crisis.


Jeanne Franklin