Communications,Conflict Management, Getting Along

The American Medical Association News published an article in May about "Calming the Culture Clash," to help medical staff and hospital administration find better ways to work together. Dispute resolution of specific disputes is one kind of tool to avert unnecessary blow ups, medical errors, and other adverse consequences. Conflict Competence is broader, and includes emphasis on good communications practices, early and at the right time,  and simple steps that people can take when faced with a quickly igniting problem or a gulf between groups that need to pull together.

Jane Conard and I (EADRSolutions) have been writing about and urging these concepts and skills for years. Much is offered on this subject under the EADRSolutions tab on this website menu bar above.

On July 2, Jane Conard is presenting a program to the American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting in San Diego about this work, and I will be on hand to add comments as asked to do. The program begins with the example of mergers and what makes them successful beyond the negotiation of the deal. It will go on to cover the quasi immersion training course that we have developed for on site delivery at health facilities. One facility will have its General Counsel present on the panel to discuss its experiences following our course. These concepts, skills and the need for training and leadership are very important for all who work in healthcare.


Jeanne Franklin