Early Intervention in Healthcare Disputes

EADRSolutions (for which we hold a federal trademark)offers tools, ideas and services to clients in the healthcare industry so they can spend energy and resources on their healthcare jobs and not unproductively on harmful conflicts. Since its launch, its message has been repeated, heard and shown to be valuable. Word is appearing in multiple settings that early intervention, using a variety of process and skills, will empower people to take control of the problems that plague them in trying to do their healthcare jobs as well as possible, and to iron out important differences of opinion. EADR stands for "early and appropriate dispute resolution."

Healthcare facilities are becoming more proactive in seeking out advice and assistance in this area. Some have been at it for quite some time even if quietly while others publish more about their experience and efforts. But however they go about it, healthcare providers have to start sometime; to get real results they must make the decision to use the skills and effect the culture shift necessary over time to "improve habits and health." 

Developing conflict competent healthcare facilities does take time and commitment from leaders in the facility. Experience from the federal government when agencies were mandated to develop ADR capabilities is that it takes many years to become truly conflict competent. That should NOT discourage or deter those embarking on the effort. One good experience, one small success story will build on another.

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Jeanne Franklin