ADR: The Beat Goes On:

Summer passed quickly but productively; the heat was matched by ADR activity as much was being put in place for fall and early winter. Just a few illustrative items in which readers might have interest:

  1. The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) meetings in Chicago at the end of August and beginning of September were enlightening. I attended the health and employment tracks. There were such wonderful and learned people present. The ACR Health Care Section, chaired by Bill Stempel, is running a 4 session teleconference series this fall. Check with ACR for details.(The first took place September 28.)
  2. The Virginia Bar Association (VBA) -Virginia State Bar (VSB) Joint Committee on ADR is continuing its series to educate lawyers about uses of and helpful skills in negotiation and ADR. A version of The Well Tailored program (described below under Lawyers and ADR) will take place in Bridgewater, Virginia on October 13. The 2011 Annual program at the VBA Annual meeting (January 20-22) will be “Can We Have a Conversation? Improved Communication Skills in Negotiation and Litigation.” It will be a superb skills based program coordinated by Frank Morrisson.  Other panelists will be announced.
  3. Jeanne Franklin and Jane Conard are continuing their work to help move early and appropriate dispute resolution in health care forward as an established part of healthcare culture, especially in light of health care reform. Please stay tuned for several announcements in this regard. Jane attended an international conference in Vienna, Austria where several attendees were already familiar with our work, and share interest in seeing such development in their countries.
  4. The American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section is celebrating mediation during the month of October with several receptions and events around the country. One reception will take place here in Washington, DC on October 27 with Ken Feinberg as the guest speaker.
  5. The Virginia Mediation Network’s semi-annual meeting at Wintergreen, Virginia was held October 1 and 2, and featured a menu of excellent presentations. (see
  6. The September edition of the American Health Lawyers Association Connections has commentary pertinent to ADR in healthcare including a Letter to Editor.
  7. Another relevant article,"Sensible Intervention to Manage Disruptive Behavior in Health Care Facilities and Avoid Fatal Distraction," will soon appear in the VBA's Health Law Section E Newsletter. Watch for news of that as well.

Please continue to read below for additional items that, although older posts, still refer to relevant and current information.


Jeanne Franklin